Power-Weise Photo Album
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Thomas Power (son of Mathew) & Elizabeth Jeffery; my gg grand parents ©2004

Norah & Fred Power (parents at left). Pictures of Thomas Mathew (oldest) & Harry Bailey (youngest) not available ©2004

Frederick Ernest Power & wife
(parents at left) ©2004

Thomas Power © 2004 Born in Plymouth, Devon England in 1819. Married Elizabeth JEFFERY in the Parish of Stoke Damerel in 1839...and died in 1890 and is buried in Toxteth Park Cemetery with his wife.

Elizabeth Jane Samuel &
Friedrich Gustav Weise; my maternal grandparents ©2004

Alfredo, Mary & Elena Weise
(my uncle, aunt & mother) © 2004

Friedrich Gustav Weise; my maternal grandfather ©2004

Elizabeth Jane Samuel

Alfredo, Mary & Elena Weise

Elizabeth Jane Samuel & Friedrich Gustav Weise

Recent german immigrants in southern Chile in fronf of their Church ©2004

Margarita Samuel ©2004

Matilde Samuel ©2004

Tomas Alfonso Power-Ponce. 1972

Zoraida Power (nee Palma)

Relatives of F.G. Weise?©2004

Relative of F.G. Weise? ©2004

Relative of F.G. Weise? ©2004

This logo found on F.G. Weise's bible and the help of a great german friend allowed me to traced him back to Ebersbach, Germany


Relatives of F.G. Weise? ©2004

Relatives of F.G. Weise? ©2004

Alfonso Power & Elena Weise, 1939;
my parents ©2004

Elena Weise, 1941 ©2004

Ana Weise, 1942 ©2004